Morphological Defectivity in Polish: Nouns

This post extends the discussion on morphological defectivity in Polish by including nouns. To that end, it follows the taxonomy proposed by Dyszak (2001)1 and implemented in the the previous post. Taking into account the understaning of defectivity as a morphological phenomenon whereby the grammar is unable to generate certain inflectional forms, the landscape of Polish nominal defectivity can be expressed in terms of two main categories: nouns that are formally defective, and nouns that are defective both formally and functionally. A more granular representation of this classification is presented below:



  1. Dyszak, A. (2001). Rzeczowniki i czasowniki defektywne w systemie fleksyjnym współczesnej polszczyzny. Bulletin de la Société Polonaise de Linguistique, 57, 141-154.